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Wystawa przybliżająca klientom chronologię naszego wszechświata. Za czarną dziurą kryją się przeróżne aktywności, od minigolfa, po gry planszowe, cymbergaj i piłkarzyki

At the very beginning, the Cosmic Exhibition will show you the evolution of our Universe. The beginning of the history of everything was marked by the Big Bang, and after about 300,000 years, the first stars lit up our space. After 14 billion years Cosmic Minigolf Pub was founded.

After jumping into the Black Hole you will find yourself in another dimension, ruled by the Cosmic Minigolf! You can play as long as you want on our galactic 9-track indoor minigolf course! All tracks have different obstacles so you will never ever get bored! If you go through all the tracks and still want more, just start from the beginning or repeat your favorite minigolf paths, getting better and better!

If after some time you will get bored of playing minigolf, Cosmic Minigolf Pub invites you to take a seat and enjoy our board and arcade games. On each table you will find various games like neon Jenga or '4 in a row'. Besides, you can compete with your friends playing Air Hockey or Table Football!

To make you feel like a NASA's Astronaut, all our interior is decorated with ultraviolet-shining paintings depicting all sorts of celestial bodies of our Universe!

Uwaga! Kosmiczny Minigolf znajduje się za Czarną Dziurą! Zbierz się więc na odwagę i wstąp do naszego ukrytego świata!

© Cosmic Minigolf Pub 2019 • Świętej Agnieszki 9, Cracow • +48 576 310 181 • cosmicminigolfpub@gmail.com

© Cosmic Minigolf Pub 2019 • Świętej Agnieszki 9, Cracow • +48 500 815 965 • cosmicminigolfpub@gmail.com

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